First Appearence New Eurovision Songs Simulator #1
Best Finish 3rd ESS #5 QF
Worst Finish Last ESS #1 SF
Apearences 5
Natural Selection None
Related Countries  None

Russia debuted in first edition of NEW Eurovision Songs Simulator with Charlotte Nilsson. In semi final she left in the last place and did not qualified to the final. In second edition they qualified to the final, but in ti they reached just 23rd position. In third contest they sent song "Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream" performed by Louise Hoffsten. She qualified to the final, and got 88 points, but they didn't vote in time, so they were disqualified. Then they missed fourth edition, but they come back to 5th edition. Their represantative Zlata Ognevic qualified to the semi final and later to the final. In there she got 72 points and 20th place.


Russia participated in four contests. Russia confirmed that they will participate in 6th edition.

ESS Artist Song Final Points Semi Points Quarter Points
#1 Charlotte Nilsson "Take Me to Your Heaven" X X 21st 11


#2 Raphael Gualazzi "Madness Of Love" 23rd 35 7th 60
#3 Louise Hoffsten "Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream" DSQ 88 6th 72
#5 Zlata Ognevich "One Day" 20th 72 8th 85 3rd 68
#6 Youddiph "Vyechniy Stranik" N/A
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